Mit nur einem Klick Fotos bearbeiten wie ein Profi - Rollei präsentiert neuen Onlineshop

Edit photos like a pro with just one click - Rollei presents new online shop

Jan 31, 2023Shop Manager0 comments

The photo professionals from Rollei are launching a completely new online shop and are now offering Lightroom presets for mobile and desktop versions. With the digital products, Rollei is presenting a large selection of presets for the digital post-processing of photos for the first time.

Lightroom presets are saved ideas of parameters such as color, light and contrast. This enables digital post-processing in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop with just one click. Rollei divides its presets into different categories, such as "Seasonal" reflecting the four seasons, hue presets called "Black & White" or "Moody" and separate presets for areas such as travel wedding photography. There is a suitable preset to discover for almost every recording.

These were created in cooperation with experienced photographers on the basis of practical experience and extensively tested on our own content journeys in order to achieve the best possible image result. The new presets should not only save time and effort in image processing, but also give photography beginners the opportunity to easily edit their recordings professionally. Users capture their moment on camera, apply the perfect preset to match their personal aesthetic, and have a professionally edited image.

Individual presets are now available at at the introductory price of EUR 19.99 (RRP: EUR 29.99) and bundles for EUR 66.99 (RRP: EUR 99.99).

About Rollei:

Rollei has written camera history for decades and revolutionized photography. The company at that time became famous with the legendary twin-lens Rolleiflex 6×6 camera, which went into series production as early as 1929. Since 2010, the worldwide trademark rights have belonged to a young company that carries on the passion for photography and lives it enthusiastically. Since the takeover, the range has been extensively expanded. The product range includes tripods, filters, flash units, camera bags, photo backpacks and also a few cameras. The new owner of the global trademark rights has successfully established itself on the market and has grown into one of the market leaders for tripods in Germany. According to the motto: "All around the camera for a better picture". With the new "Rollei Energy" product series, the photo accessories manufacturer is developing further with a view to the current challenges. In addition to photographers, Rollei would also like to offer customers from other areas efficient solutions for everyday life.

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